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Exclamation Carefresh complete menu question...

About two months ago, I purchased my first ever hamster. A female syrian hamster about 4 months old. She was fed only Oxbow healthy handful essentials at the store, and she still eats Oxbow but has vegetables and fruits added occasionally. I wanted to switch to her Carefresh complete menu hamster and gerbil food (It has a higher amount of protein.), but upon checking the availability in stores near me, I noticed that no stores were selling it! No store within 50 miles has it in stock! It has been like this for about a month, and I really want to switch her to this food so she has a better diet.

Do you know if they will start selling it again? Was carefresh complete menu recalled? What do you suggest I do if it doesn't come it back in stock? Thanks in advance.
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Default Re: Carefresh complete menu question...

Honestly I wouldn't suggest that food because it contains cane molasses. If you can find Hazel Hamster anywhere near you, that's a perennial favorite for most of the forum

I feed mine a combination of oxbow and hazel hamster, along with another mix called higgins sunburst. (Note: Higgins contains cane molasses and quite a lot of dried fruit, which is why I use it in very small amounts, and in combination with two other foods)

If all else fails, Oxbow is great as a nutritionally complete diet of its own, though since there's no variety in it it's good to give a bit of fresh veg and occasional fruits (sparingly, as they're high in sugars). And like you said is it slightly lower on the protein, so you can supplement the protein level with foods like dried mealworms, scrambled or hard boiled egg (if boiled, remove yolk) or bits of plain boiled chicken or turkey. Peanuts are also fairly high in protein, but a bit fatty (raw ones, not salted or roasted). My preferred protein supplement is actually a particular chicken-based cat treat called Feline Greenies. My syrian loves them xD

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