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Unhappy My new hamster doesnít want to come out?

I got a winter white ham a little over 2 weeks ago. Sheís had a really rough time adjusting. This is my first hamster ever so I still have a lot to learn. I bought her from petsmart and I donít believe they cared for her or the other hams very well. I also donít think sheís been handled a lot or even at all because although now sheís finally getting used to my hand, she was terrified of humans when she first came here. But she still wonít let me pick her up. She has let me pet her a few times but other times she gets scared and runs. But thatís a problem for another day.
Right now Iím pretty concerned though. I had her in a cage I bought from petsmart (tiny tails comfy house cage) and after doing more research learned this is wayyyyyy to small for her. She also was exhibiting a lot of signs of stress, but was still very active. Iíve moved her to a tub/bin and its a lotttt bigger. Only issue is I donít have a stand up wheel, only the clip on wheel that the original cage came with. And because this is a hard plastic bin I canít attach the wheel to her cage. So sheís been 4 days without a wheel now. I did take her out of her cage and let her run on it 2 days ago but itís hard to get her out since I have to lure her into something to get her out of the cage instead of just picking her up. Iím going to get a stand up wheel when i get paid but that wonít be for another week. I know a wheel is extremely important for hams and I feel like sheís getting depressed or something because she just lays there all day n night. Iím going to put more bedding in her cage when she wakes up. She has about 3-4 inches right now but I wanna add more so she has at least like 6-8 inches because she loves to burrow so I think that will help as far as entertainment goes. But that doesnít solve the problem of her not coming out. And i know they donít come out much during the day anyway, but even at night I donít really see much of her. She doesnít even come out to eat, she goes to her little stash of food or eats whatís in her pouches. Which is the complete opposite of how she was for the first week. Even though she was scared she would ALWAYS come out for food multiple times a day and night. N she was running on her wheel for hours. Now it seems she has no motivation to do anything. If I have a treat she will come out. But she doesnít even come all the way out of her house. She sticks her head out, grabs it super quickly from my hand and acts very hesitant, as if she wants the treat but doesnít wanna be near my hand, and then runs back into her house if Iím lucky, n if Iím not sheíll hide under her burrow to eat it. Besides that she wonít come out for anything. She also is starting to associate my hand with food. Anytime she sees my hand she thinks sheís getting a treat. So sheís starting to do this thing where if she sees my hand sheíll come out and she will follow my hand around wherever I move it to, and keeps trying to sniff me. And I want to let her walk all the way up to my hand, but Iím scared sheís going to bite me. I havenít let her fully approach my hand without moving since she started to do this because she bit me twice. The first time was the first day I got her and was just a little nibble that didnít hurt. The second time was when I was trying to spot clean her cage. She walked up to my finger, opened her mouth super wide and chomped down on my finger. It didnít bleed but did hurt and Iím sure it wouldíve hurt worse if I didnít pull my hand away. She doesnít seem angry or anything when sheís trying to sniff my hand but Iím just too afraid to let her cuz itís hard to tell. Cuz sometimes it seems as though she wants to come to me and interact but other times it seems like she hates me. I seen a suggestion that said to wear a little piece of fabric on you for a day so that it has your scent and then put it in her cage because it will help her get used to it. N Iím not even joking when i put the piece of fabric in, she ran up to it, sniffed it, and then started attacking it!!! She bit it like 20 different times and was clawing at it n stuff. I donít even know what to do anymore. Sorry for the really long post but I need help
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Default Re: My new hamster doesnít want to come out?

Hi, what does your tub/bin look like, could you share a picture? What's its size and how is the ventilation like?

Here are some suggestions:
1. Could you possibly drill a hole into the bin to make the existing wheel fit?

2. Could you use cardboard to make a firm makeshift stand that's temporary and poke the wheel through it?

3. If your bin is waaay bigger than the cage, could you put the entire cage (with wheel and bedding) in her bin but leave the cage door open so she can travel in and out at her own leisure?

4. Is there someone you can borrow money from, or collect money by borrowing off several someones? And please make sure you are able to pay them back immediately next week, it's only fair (Though I would totally understand if you don't have such persons that I can lend you some money, everyone's circumstances are different. This is just a suggestion, if you haven't thought of it).
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