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Default Is my Hamster a Winter White?!

I was wondering if my Hamster that I just got yesterday was a Winter White?!
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Default Re: Is my Hamster a Winter White?!

No it's not a Winter white colour. If it came from a pet shop it will be a Hybrid. A very cute little hamster though
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Old 03-25-2019, 08:07 AM   #3
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Default Re: Is my Hamster a Winter White?!

Your hamster is a russian dwarf hybrid (part WW part Campbells). You’ll need to be careful not to feed her any fruit or sugary good as they are very prone to diabetes which is a life threatening illness in hybrids.

Also, you need to replace her wheel with a 6.5-8 inch plastic or wooden wheel asap. Not only is running on a wheel thst small going to cause back pains, but wire wheels cause painful blisters (bumblefoot). They can also cause severe injuries if your hamster gets caught in the wire or the stand.

She’ll also need deeper substrate so that she can burrow, atleast 5 inches. Make sure to use paper (ie carefresh, kaytee), aspen, or hemp shavings. Sawdust is too fine and can cause irritation and chippings dont allow them to burrow properly. If you’re in the UK pine is also safe but most countries use a different drying process that doesnt remove the toxins.

She’ll need some more hides since her cage is looking a little bare, bendy bridges and cardboard boxes are a great option. She’ll also need upgrading to a larger cage since that tank is too small unfortunately. Russian dwarfs need atleast 70x40cm cages or tanks but bigger is always better.
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Default Re: Is my Hamster a Winter White?!

There's some debate over where the colour (mandarin) originated from; whether it was initially a purebred WW colour, or if it's just the result of hybridisation - because it's not a campbell colour either, and there are no campbell genes responsible for that trait. However, nowadays - certainly with regards to hamsters from an unknown background - mandarins are all hybridised; so it's neither a full WW nor full Campbell, it's the poster child for what is known as the Russian Hybrid (a cross between the winter white and campbells).
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white, winter, hamster, yesterday, wondering

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