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Default Potential Pregnancy

I recently got what was expected to be two boy Dwarf Robos that were around a month old. Long story short, after a week of having them I realized one was a girl.

Luckily, I had an extra bin cage and was able to move the male into the other cage today. One concern I'm noticing is its 1:30 in the morning and they both are normally awake and running around at this time and they are both still sleeping. They were awake for a little bit earlier but then went back to sleep. Could they be depressed from the separation?

My main concern is that the girl may be pregnant. I researched the sings of pregnancy in hamsters but am mostly just finding info on Syrian hamsters. Since Syrians are much larger I'm assuming their characteristics are different. She appears much fatter than my male. For precaution I have removed her wheel, added toilet paper, and gave both hamsters some fresh veggies.

I went to the pet store I got them from today to get some cage supplies and told the workers of the mishap. I kid you not when I say the advice I received from them was "Well if the girl is pregnant and has babies shes most likely going to eat them so just let her do her thing and kinda disturb her so she will and you wont have to deal with the babies." Needless to say they have lost my business.

With that being said, I need advise.

1. Are they depressed from being separated? If so what should I do?

2. What are signs of a dwarf robo being pregnant? (Outside of nest building, drinking lots of water, and hording food because I haven't noticed too much of that other than she looks like a stuffed sausage compared to the male.)

3. Can she/is it likely to get pregnant at only 5 weeks old?

4. When the girl was awake earlier she was cleaning her whole body for long periods of time (5-10 minutes). Is this a sign of labor? Is this why I haven't seen her in about an hour?

5. We have two cats and a dog living in the house. None of which are allowed in my room. Therefore, I have both hamster cage in my room and this is really the only room that they can be in with the least amount of disruption. Can I still watch TV in my room?

6. Since she would be a young mother what further steps should I take to avoid having her eat the babies.

7. I loved having two hamsters together and am so sad the male and female can no longer live together. If the mom has a girl, would I be able to keep one girl with the mom. (Reminder: these are Dwarf Robos, NOT Syrians)
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Default Re: Potential Pregnancy

The best resource for all things Robo is here Oak Farm Roborovskis
Hope that helps.
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