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Old 01-25-2019, 04:14 PM   #1
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Default How can I get my robo to trust me? Even after Iíve messed up...

So I got my little robo about 2 months ago and I havenít tried to pick him up yet because well heís so small and fast itís basically impossible to do that.

So for the last 2 months Iíve just left him to it. Cleaned him out when needed, changed his food and water regular, fresh veg etc. Iíve tried getting him out and putting him in his ball but itís clear that he just doesnít want to be there and wants to be in his cage.

The thing is my friend recently got a hamster and after the 1st day started holding him and heís fine with it... so I got a bit jealous and made a massive mistake.

I got my robo out and built a little pen and put him in it. I then proceeded to try and hold him. I managed to cup him in my hands after 10 mins of chasing him and even then he kept jumping out. Overall Iíve probably spent the last 30-50 minutes basically just scaring him... heís back in his cage now and I feel awful. How do I get him to trust me? Will he ever trust me?
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Old 01-26-2019, 05:50 AM   #2
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Default Re: How can I get my robo to trust me? Even after Iíve messed up...

I'd definitely stop with the hamster ball, to be honest they're not suitable for any hamster but are worst for robos since they're so fast and can be very nervous. The playpen doesn't sound escape proof if even a robo can jump out. Maybe try a taming bin, a large enough one that you're not going in directly from above.
For now I would leave him be, at least for a few days and just talk gently to him. You mustn't rush to pick them up or it'll just make matters worse. Try hand feeding him treats and see if he'll take them, if it's fresh food/veg it might help as those tend to be favourites. Once he starts sniffing your hand and coming near you willingly it'll probably be ok to try picking him up again but the whole process can take a while, so just keep going a little bit every day if you can. It is absolutely possible to tame them but it just might take longer than for some other hamsters.
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Default Re: How can I get my robo to trust me? Even after Iíve messed up...

I agree about the ball definitely not good for robos (not that I'd use them for any ham but even more so the smaller species).
It can take a lot of patience but try not to rush anything, a nice big deep box would probably be best to begin getting your robo used to hands, put some substrate & a few toys in, maybe take a handful of substrate from the cage to scatter around so it smells familiar, keep sessions short (maybe 10 minutes will be enough) & to begin with just let your ham run over your hands without attempting to pick him up, do that for a good few sessions so he can get more comfortable around your hands before trying to move on.
Tempting him onto your hand with a treat, a few nice seeds or a mealworm, is fine but try not to chase him around, keep your hands still & let him come to you.
If he's more nervous after being out this time then let him settle again for a while before having another go.
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