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Default Robo taming difficulty

Hi there, this is my first post but I'm not new to hamsters (or robos for that matter). I wish I had joined this site earlier though because my hams are pet shop bought, rather than rescues or from breeders.

Regardless, I have five robos. A female named Minerva, who has always lived alone, and a group of four boys who are seperated. Trouble (the instigator of the separation, lol), Nibbles, Spooks and Zoomy.

I've had a pair of robos before, around four years ago, but... I have no recollection of how I tamed them! It just... happened? They were also pet shop boys, but we got along so well, so quickly. Their lives were unfortunately filled with disease and many vet visits, so that's what I can remember when I think of them (and of course how lovely they were ).

I'm going about the "normal" taming method, i.e. giving treats and slowly moving forward. Despite the implications of his name, Trouble is the closest to being tamed. He's the least skittish and does very well with taking treats. Zoomy and Nibbles are on the same wavelength. Most days they take treats, but they still get quite startled by my appearance or when I change their water. Spooks has been the most difficult with taming. This was most likely because Trouble bit him (which is why I separated them), and I then had to get up close and personal to make sure he was OK. After moving him to his new cage, he rarely came out and refused to take food from my hand. Sometimes, he wouldn't take treats even if I left it there in the cage for him. He's made a lot of progress recently (I removed the tunnels from his cage that lead to under his substrate), but I don't want to push him any more, so I'll give him a few more weeks.

The main issue is Minerva. We keep going back and forth and I really don't understand why. She went from slowly getting the courage to pop her head out of her house, to not coming out at all no matter what time it is (i.e. if I stay up until 1am, she won't come out whatsoever but all the boys will be up by then regardless of me still being around).

I'm not sure what to do in general. I want to move forward, but I don't know how. Of course I know that some hamsters will never be OK with being handled, but at the very least, I don't want them to be afraid of me.

Minerva was purchased October 7th at 9 weeks. The boys were purchased October 25th at 10 weeks. Their cages are all in the living room and I'm pretty much always there, playing video games and going about my day. I'd appreciate any advice I could get. Also, I don't have a bathtub, in case you wanted to suggest that, lol. Thank you and sorry this was so long.

I have had robos before, but I don't remember how I tamed my past robos and I'm struggling with taming my present robos. Advice would be deeply appreciated.
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