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Old 06-29-2018, 01:21 AM   #1
Abby Wengel
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Question Im a newbie to hamster owning, can someone give me some tips?

So, my name is Abby and Iím new to owning hamsters. I havenít gotten my new companions yet, but I am in three weeks and very excited and anxious. Ive read several articles and books and watched numerous videos on YouTube and I am already very knowledgeable on hamsters. I am hoping to get two male roborovkis and name them boo boo and pepper mint (or pepper or mint for short) I have read that they may fight and so Iím taking extreme caution and if I fight I will put a divider in the cage until I get one more big cage. I think the day of we will go to petco or petsmart and get cage supplies and the cage or tank then go home and set up then come back with a cage for transport with some bedding and hide out with a few sunflower seeds just to make them feel welcome and then immediately transfer them from travel cage to their nice big home. I know they are nocturnal and need a HUGE cage. I have a huge desk I am going to clear off and put the cages on top along with a jar of specialty treats then in two bins I will put in one of them cleaning stuff (bedding, scoop, scrubbers for dishes and bottle, and a spray cleaner.) then in the other one food supplies (the bag of food, some treats, cutting board for veggies and a knife, a table spoon scoop, extra replacement dishes just in case, maybe an extra bottle two, also extra toys will be stored in a small container within this bin.) the things Iím scared about Is how to get the most stress free transport and first days possible so my new pets donít get wet tail which Iím very scared about. I also would like to find some cheaper toys for them so I can get more (my budget is 150 dollars not including the hamsters) I also heard if you get a little reptile water dish an fill it up just a tiny bit itís the perfect little cool down for your hamster to just sit in. Does anyone have any tips for me?
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Old 07-01-2018, 07:52 AM   #2
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Default Re: Im a newbie to hamster owning, can someone give me some tips?

Hello and Welcome to Hamster Central.
When getting pairs its best to give them two of everything this includes bottles, bowls, hideaways etc as well as ensuring that toys have multiple exits to prevent one trapping the other inside. Ensure the cage has no levels which one cant get territorial over.
It is a possibility that your robos might end up fighting - so having a spare cage is a good idea. The trouble with making a divider is ensuring it is well secured so they cannot squeeze past to get to one another.
Robos cant get wet tail so this isn't something that you don't need to worry about just ensure once you get them home is to allow them to settle properly I like to leave new hamsters a week before starting interacting/taming to avoid causing them to get stressed out - as most petshop hamsters have no or little human interaction before you bring them home.
Robo are very challenging to tame as they are very fast and also a little skittish (this does depend on individual temperament) and often don't enjoy to be handled.
Hamsters shouldn't get wet at all unless completely necessary as they can get a chill even in the warm weather - which can make your hamster really unwell. So instead safe options to keep your hamsters cool is providing ceramic items or granite tiles which help to keep them cool safely.
The most important tip I can offer you is when it comes to taming do not rush your hamsters do it at their pace otherwise they can have set backs or even become scared off you. So it better to go slow than rush things.
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Old 07-02-2018, 04:45 AM   #3
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Default Re: Im a newbie to hamster owning, can someone give me some tips?

^SKB has already given you great advice and there is not much more for me to add. As I am sure you are aware, hamsters require a minimum of 450 square inches of floorspace and so doubling that amount for 2 hamsters is a good idea. This is why when i still had Maduors (RIP little one) her and Flan lived in a detolf as it comfortably housed them both with little reason for territorial fighting.
Good luck with your new ham,

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Old 07-02-2018, 12:38 PM   #4
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Default Re: Im a newbie to hamster owning, can someone give me some tips?

Just to point out, as a forum we don't have a minimum recommendRd size. And I know that while bigger may be better in some cases, a very large cage can lead to more fighting with a pair. My understanding is it can lead to more territorial behaviour if there is too much space. And yes, as SKB said, it's gee really felt best to have two of everything for a pair - two bottles, two bowls, two wheels, houses with more than one entrance etc. But even following these guidelines does not guarantee that you will have a pair who will live successfully together. It takes very little for one to become dominant & for them to fight. The other thing I think it's important to bear in mind is that while dwarf species are often sold as sociable animals in pairs, that actually, unlike say gerbils or Guinea pigs, they don't need a cage mate. So don't feel like you have to get two. loolong forward to seeing your new little furry pal or pals when you get them!
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