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Old 06-25-2018, 11:34 AM   #1
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Unhappy I need some advice! :(

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry if this post is so long!!! This is my first time joining this forum and I just really wanted some advice. This is regarding my second hamster (my first hamster is still alive and doing well! 4 months old and extremely well tamed, friendly, and sweet!)

My boyfriend and I bought our second dwarf hamster, Lego, 4 days ago with the hopes of slowly introducing her to live with our other hamster, Gimli. (and we aren't planning on introducing them anytime soon and we know that we need to slowly put them both in a netural zone, etc.)

Both are girls (the name choice is a long story) and both are the same kind of hamster. It frustrated and upset me because when we first got Lego, the pet store worker was very careless and rude in handling her! He just picked her up, even though she was terrified and running away from him and he just put her into the box with no bedding or food... so naturally, Lego is going to be extremely distressed by all of this (I asked another pet store worker to add some of the bedding and food into the box). When Lego got to our house, she started to make that hissing? sound where she is extremely scared and distressed so we got her into her (temporary) cage.

Gimli lives in a big cage at the moment by herself and so we put Lego in Gimli's old cage (we cleaned it/washed it) temporarily while we get her to adjust to her new environment and surroundings. My boyfriend and I did what we were supposed to - leave Lego alone so she can slowly get used to her cage, etc. on her own terms. She was becoming more calm and I noticed that she was starting to come out more/do her own thing while I was around her.

The problem is that her temporary cage is on the other side of my desk and yesterday, I stupidly and accidentally knocked over my desk somehow and Lego's cage fell off the desk!!! I started to cry because I felt so bad because Lego is 100% most definitely traumatized by all of this - ESPECIALLY since she is a new hamster. I immediately picked up the cage and my poor baby is hissing (is that the right term?) again and EXTREMELY frightened. I left her alone again just so she can calm down but this morning, when she saw me, she immediately ran back into her hideout and started shaking. I feel awful and I want to cry thinking about it.

I guess I need some advice. I know time and patience is really what I need for her to build the trust but how long should I hold off from trying to handle her? Is she permanently just going to be traumatized? I definitely won't be introducing her to Gimli anytime soon. Is there any things I could do to make her less stressed? I feel awful and I really wish there was something I could do to make her less upset... I feel so guilty and I really was so stupid when I knocked over my desk. Now I'm scared my hamster will permanently hate me or never trust me again.

Any advice? Thank you so much in advance!
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Old 06-25-2018, 12:29 PM   #2
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Default Re: I need some advice! :(

Firstly you cannot introduce the two hamsters, some dwarf hamsters can live in pairs but only same sex siblings that have never been apart even then once they reach maturity they often fall out, fight & need to be separated.
Introducing Lego to Gimli would be extremely stressful for both of them & would be highly likely to end in fighting, injury & even death.
It's not natural for them to live in pairs like this & all hamsters will live very happily alone.

Just take your time with Gimli, she will get over the stress but it will take time & patience.
Hissing & screeching isn't that unusual for a nervous ham so don't worry too much about it.
Was she hurt at all when the cage fell do you know? I understand you can't do a health check without stressing her but watch as much as you can for any signs she may be hurt.
To begin with just spend time talking to her quietly when you're by the cage, even if she's hiding let her slowly get used to the sound of your voice & you being around & she will learn that you're nothing to fear.
I find with a very nervous ham it can help to spend some time talking to them, leave a treat, a sunflower seed or mealworm, in the cage then walk away.
It takes time but they will then make the association between you & good things, your ham should then begin to gain confidence & you can move on with interacting, taming & bonding from there.
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Old 06-25-2018, 01:25 PM   #3
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Default Re: I need some advice! :(

I would recommend giving your hammy a slice of strawberry, and while she eats it, talk softly to her. This can help her associate your vice with happy thoughts, instead of not so happy memories. 🍓
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Old 07-04-2018, 10:33 AM   #4
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Default Re: I need some advice! :(

I've got two dwarf hamsters. Were anxious dwarf hammy's to start with but now after 6 months there great on mine and stranges hands. Just takes time.
Initially, she'd hiss, even when putting food in her bowl. One of them would go on her hind legs, like she's going to attack.
I'd put food they liked, mealworms, chicken, fruit and vegetables, start talking to them.
I'd set up their cage so they can come out of their own choice, my mum (had hamsters for years) suggested this.
Then started tempting them out of their cage with food, slowly she'd come out. Sometimes snatching the food then runny away but eventually, she'd stay out the cage.
Then I'd scoop her up, one of them bite but the other was nervous.
Doing this over time they got used to me, not biting or just standing still.
Now when I open the cage and come straight out fo play time
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