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Question Resting period

So I am thinking about breeding hamsters. I was wondering if there were like signs after a female is done giving birth and raising her kids how long her rest is. I know that I can only breed a girl 2-3 times. What signs show that she is ready to breed again?
How do you know if you only breed once, twice or three times?
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Default Re: Resting period


I think before even considering breeding you have to consider the risk of breeding. Assuming you have done all your research and have good foundation hamsters (there are lots of threads on here, considering breeding for the first time).. you have to remember that everytime your mate your hamsters there is a risk of injury or even death either during the mating process or birthing complications.

Foremost they are our pets and i'd personally not want to repeatedly mate my pet. It is all dependent on how well the birth went and how she coped as a mother
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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Default Re: Resting period

Raising a litter takes a lot out a female. I would say a rest of 2 months is needed after the pups have been removed from her.
I would only consider a second litter if the female had proved to be a good mother and the pups were healthy and of excellent temperament and were adding something to your goals. I would not breed just because people were asking for a baby hamster to to supply a pet shop. The pups need to be better than their parents so enhancing and improving your stock.
The female should be in good health and back to her former weight. Any signs of dryness etc on her nipples should be healed and her coat should be glossy. She needs to be back in to a healthy routine of exercise and feeding and be well bodied.
I would not breed 3 times from one female. There is no point to that as you would have too many related hamsters. Twice maybe if she produced excellent babies or did not produce what you were looking for in first litter.
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