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Default Re: pup deaths and the effects of using silica cat litter

This may work for the bloated belly pups But sadly for the next litter not the current one. I had this start here back in the early 2000 when on a different UK owned forum was up and running. There seemed to be a rash of bloating belly pups with no ID of the cause even with Vet necropsy done on several pups.

In my case(and again this may not help over seas) I was recommended to offer Probiotics in the future Breeder Females food at least 3 weeks before breeding and continue the probiotics during pregnancy and pup care. What my Vet concluded made a huge amount of sense.

She suspected what was happening is the wee pups were not consuming enough Bacterial enzymes from the Dam's stools. (pups will naturally start chomping on Mom's droppings at or around 5 days old which though nasty in our eyes is the way Nature makes sure that the pups gut is full of much needed enzymes to break down and properly digest solid food.

If the Mom's body has not enough extra Good Bacteria in her body then her droppings will be lacking enough for her whole litter to build up a healthy gut able to digest any solid food. A Pup who lacks these good bacteria will be perfectly fine when drinking Moms pre digested milk, BUT the minute the pups are strong enough to grab a seed or even a ground bit of meal their digestive system simple can not break it down so it sits in the stomach and rots becoming fermented which causes the belly bloat.

The fermented food then turns rancid and toxic which then turns the belly Black and will in a few days kill the pup. My Vets idea was to boost up the good bacteria in the MOTHER'S gut by using probiotic powder sprinkled in her normal seed food 3-4 weeks before breeding and continuing this throughout her pregnancy and litter care. Her droppings become super source for her pups to gain all the good bacteria they need to be able to digest solid food when they start eating solid food at or around 7 days.

It has worked for me and I have not had a bloat litter since doing this suggestion from the Vet. Worth a try as you really have nothing to lose but every pup to save.

With the current litter you may try diluting the Probiotic powder in a sterile water source and slowly dropping a few drops directly into the pups remaining mouths and see if they might be saved. 1 capsule in about 1/4 cup water.

I will keep your and the remaining pups in my prayers and hope to read you had some make it to weaning.
Nancy,and The ST's Hamsters
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