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Old 02-25-2018, 10:17 AM   #1
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Default Online Hamster Pedigree Database?

This is something that's played on my mind for about 2 years now, but, why isn't there a Hamster Pedigree Database like there is for dogs, cats and Horses?

Right now, the only method of Pedigree's is a small A4 piece of paper with 4-5 generations on. This piece of paper can get lost, damaged, etc. and doesn't go back very far. It also means tracing back Pedigree's for many years in order to make informed breeding decisions is difficult, especially for newbies due to people leaving the fancy, the Pedigree's being damaged or the Pedigree's being lost because they're so old.

There is also the point of not having actual pedigree names for Hamsters a lot of the time. I've seen it twice now where there's been two Hamsters with the exact same name but either came from different hamsteries or were different colours which can throw off a COI Calculator which goes off of name.

I realise there are things such as "Ibreed" and "Kintracks" but that's not what I'm on about, I'm on about something like this: Kishu Inu online database

I know "Pedigree stealing" is what worries a lot, but with a few tweaks you would be able to make the Database private and you need a special code to access it which only NHC breeders would get.

I'm curious if anyone might actually even want this? I personally do want this. As a newbie breeder, I've found it near enough impossible to track back passed 5 generations which also makes me very frustrated that any breeding I do is basically completely blind.

I didn't know where else to discuss this really that had a high influx of reputable NHC breeders who might actually get involved and enjoy this discussion
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Old 02-27-2018, 01:59 PM   #2
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Default Re: Online Hamster Pedigree Database?

Whilst I can see the point you're getting at, I think that it would be difficult to achieve what you are looking for.

I have found that most breeders have been willing to give the information that they themselves have but with several breeders having imported hamsters from abroad where they may use different systems, it's going to be difficult to achieve a truly complete database. There's also the issue of the database not being complete if there are some UK breeders that aren't signed up... unless it was compulsory and even then, what options would there be for the breeders who are less technologically minded?

To set up such a scheme would take a lot of work and there would be significant costs involved as such a thing is likely to need to be outsourced to an external programmer and those costs passed on to the users. The costs of registering the pedigrees would also have to be passed on from the breeder to the buyer which could then have a knock on effect on the amount of pet homes available to breeder hamsters.
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