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Old 07-31-2020, 10:42 AM   #1
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Default Hamster strange bahaviour

This post is on behalf of a friend. I offered to post it here and relay any information back to them

Iíve had my hamster Tofu for almost a year now and have been using the same bedding and food for months, but his behavior has changed quite a bit since I moved to a new apartment a few weeks ago. Heís never enjoyed being picked up or touched, but he was always happy to see me and would gladly take treats from my hand. Now, heís even more skiddish and doesnít show interest in his food. Heís been scratching himself quite a bit and has taken to sleeping in his sandbox. I have never seen him sleep above his bedding before or not go for food immediately. I just recently did a full cleaning of his cage, but Iím wondering if I purchased a bad batch of bedding and thatís why heís acting so strangely? But I also donít want to stress him out more by changing everything, so Iím wondering what I should do next or if anyone else has had this problem?
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Default Re: Hamster strange bahaviour

It sounds like the house move and change of environment have unsettled him and a full cage clean won't help either. Best thing is to leave him alone for a couple of days and then not clean out for a couple of weeks while he adjusts. See if he settles. Any change of environment can really stress them - and a cage clean stresses them too. To distract him a bit she could hide the odd treat in various places in the cage when she puts his food out but otherwise, let him settle down and he'll soon be friendly again.
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