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Old 07-31-2020, 02:23 AM   #1
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Question Sleeping Behaviour

Hi there, I got my hamster about 7 months ago. and for the past few weeks iíve had to move my hamster into my bedroom for personal reasons. my hamster is a bar biter. She has plenty chewing toys, gnawing sticks, treats to chew on but absolutely nothing has worked and she refuses to chew anything except the bars of her cage. her cage is the correct size and i think she only does it for attention as she will be awake with me for hours and be content in her cage right up until i lay down and go to sleep, then she chews the bars like crazy which is very loud. one night i had to be up early the next day and she was being so loud i couldnít sleep, so i put some bedding in her travel cage (which is a decent sized one) along with some food and toys, and put her in there for the night so she has no loud bars to chew on. this worked and she was quiet the whole night and even chewed the toys i put in for her. i have now done this a few times to save my self an extra couple hours of sleep, my hamster usually wakes up around 9pm and i donít put her in her travel cage until around 2am, but now i feel sheís chewing the bars to get put in her travel cage. for example, usually if i put her in her travel cage and move her back into her cage in the morning, from 7-9 (time differs) sheíll go straight to sleep or run around for half an hour before going to bed since itís morning. but now, when i put her back in the cage in the morning she continues to chew her bars until i put her in her travel cage, and the minute i put her in her travel cage she goes to sleep? her cage is always up to clean standards and she has plenty space and things to do in there. does she just enjoy being in her travel cage? is it okay for her to be sleeping in her travel cage then moving her late morning/afternoon when iím getting up as well?
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Ria P
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Default Re: Sleeping Behaviour

Hello and welcome to HC!
There are a number of questions i have to ask first of all.

What species of hamster is she?
How big is her cage in cm or inches?
How big is her wheel and does it spin freely?
Does her water bottle work?
How deep is your hamster's substrate and what type is it?
Does your hamster have a big house and nesting material like torn up strips of plain white toilet paper?
Does your hamster have food available yo her at all times?
Do you give your hamster out of cage time in the evening?
Does the travel cage have a species appropriate wheel?

Sorry about all the questions but there could be a reason for your hamster's bar chewing aside from trying to get your attention that may be easy to resolve.
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Old 08-02-2020, 07:58 AM   #3
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Question Re: Sleeping Behaviour

no problem, ask away! any help is very much appreciated. she is a syrian. her cage is 40 by 20 inches. she has an 11 inch wheel that spins fine and she uses a lot in the evening in her cage and when i take her and her toys out the cage when sheís free roaming (in a play pen set up). originally i had tried a water dish with her but she didnít really take to it, so i switched to a water bottle that works fine and i always keep an eye on the amount of water in it, making sure she is actually getting water out of it, which she does. over all i have about 5 inches of substrate iíd say, but in one side of the cage i have a section that is around 6-7 inches, just so she has a deeper burrowing area. the main substrate i use is a paper based one, in all honestly i donít always use the same brand (this may be a problem?) but itís always a very similar one and always a paper based one as iíve seen a lot that sawdust can be harmful. she has a little wooden home thatís filled with bedding (or nesting material) this always stays the same and is the care fresh white pet bedding, this is where she always sleeps through out the day. she always has treats and food sticks in her cage, and majority of the time thereís always food in her bowl but if the bowl is empty i usually try to hold off filling it back up until the evening and if i notice sheís stocking a lot of food in her nesting area i sometimes wait an extra night to fill her bowl again just in the worry of over feeding. in the evening when she wakes up i usually give her about half an hour to an hour for her to just wake up, she likes to clean herself for a bit, drink water etc. i take her out pretty much every evening at least for an hour Iíd say, but a lot of the time itís much longer than this especially if sheís free roaming or sometimes sheíll just run about on my bed. her travel cage doesnít have a wheel because part of the plastic snapped off, it wasnít the fanciest wheel so i wasnít surprised but i just didnít think to fix it as she had one in her main cage anyway and she was only ever really in her travel cage when i was cleaning out her cage, but as of recently of course every now and then she sleeps in there. i just find it so strange that she refuses to play or chew or burrow, only chew her cage bars during the night while i sleep, but once sheís in the travel cage she immediately just burrows and goes to sleep. sorry that was so much information haha, but honestly any help is so appreciated as if i can, i would really rather not have to buy an aquarium and would rather her not have to sleep in her travel cage but as you can imagine the bar chewing is extremely loud and irritating in the middle of the night haha. thank you!!
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