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Old 03-21-2020, 05:33 PM   #1
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Exclamation Syrian monkey baring I'm detolf PLEASE HELP!

My syrian hamster was moved from a bin cage to the detolf 5 weeks ago once I knew she wasnt pregnant after getting her 2 weeks before. 2 weeks after being in the detolf I spot cleaned and noticed shed been biting the wood on the side where there was a little hole. I monitored it last week and it had got worse so I used strong velcro to velcro one of the detolf shelves onto the wood. However she keeps biting at the bars in the corner and where the glass doesn't reach the bottom because of the bars she trys to get to the hole. She has also now either started monkey baring or I have only started to catch her. She has water always available. Pinch of food every day and fresh veg and fruit few times a week with the occasional treat. She comes out to go in her ball and to fee roam when she will without trying to escape places and escape her pen. She has lots of chews wooden and the dog crocodile chews. She has a hide out bendy bridges, tunnels, rainbow bridge, a 12 inch wheel and basically plenty to do. She had a hanging knaw but I moved it fearing she was using it get on the mesh and monkey bar on the lid. I've had to mess with things and push things down making it slightly less deep than I like but still she is managing some how to reach.

I live in fear and I am so stressed I dont want her to fall and hurt herself or break her neck and die. I also am so scared she will get out and come to harm.

I am traumatised by my first hamster who I had in the detolf with a different lid and mesh to my hanster now. He chewed through the mesh got out and tangled in the blinds. He broke his back fighting to get out and I had to cut him free and take him to the vet to be put to sleep. I cant get passed thinking I'm going to loose her in a horrible traumatic way too.

Her lid is new and fits snug in the glass and has a double layer of metal mesh rather than one layer of plastic coated mesh now I know they can reach the lid. I dont know how to stop her monkey baring and now through stress and fear I've probably made it worse by moving things to try and prevent her reaching the lid.

Please help me! My heart is already broken from losing Slink.

My hamster now is Yolandi.
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Old 03-30-2020, 07:47 PM   #2
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Default Re: Syrian monkey baring I'm detolf PLEASE HELP!

I have the same problem as u, so cant really help cos im tryna find a solution, but 2 things can help: more space, and let her free roam (not in the ball). hamster proof your room and let her out, u should do it everyday for 15 mins tbh. the other thing u can do is try to give her more room by connecting her old cage to her new through tubes. then she'll have 2 cages to play in.
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Old 03-31-2020, 08:02 AM   #3
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Default Re: Syrian monkey baring I'm detolf PLEASE HELP!

Hello and welcome to HC!

So sorry to hear about your first hamster, no wonder you are so stressed with Yolandi, that's a lovely name.

You say that you give her a pinch of food every day. She's not a goldfish and may well need more than a pinch. Hamsters keep a hoard by their nest and often they keep more than one hoard. I'd say that a tablespoon of hamster mix daily is a more appropriate amount for a Syrian hamster.

Could you post a photo of your set up please?

Hamster balls are not very nice and can't be much fun for the hamster but you could make a play pen if you can't hamster proof a room for free roaming.

Have you checked that the wheel and water bottle are working ok?
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