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Default Passive aggressive hamster?

Hi everyone.

I've had my hamster for about 5 weeks now and something changed in his behavior. He is a roborovsky pet-shop bought. At first we would come out at night lets say around 9pm and be active and play on his wheel etc. He would also come out during the day for food, water a sand bath etc. I've been doing taming sessions in his cage about 10 min every day in the evening as he seems to be more active then. In these taming sessions i would remove the wheel as he only seem to stay on it for the duration of the 10 min.

He started coming out later and later in the evening, but he would start to do great in taming. He would come on my hand take a treat and leave. I was thinking about upgrading taming to a playpen or the bath tub.

A few days ago (about 3) he completly changed his behavior. He only comes out if he is absolutely sure that nobody is around. That means he comes out when the lights are out and we go to sleep (prepare to go to sleep). I've let him and has not tried taming since this change. He also is not so active during the day any more, like he just gets food and goes in his house.

My question is: did i do wrong to remove the wheel during taming sessions? Is the hamster just upset or is there something wrong medically?

I will also leave him alone for the next 3 days as i changed yesterday the wood shavings to hemp in his cage (that means about half of the bedding in the cage the other half is carefresh paper)
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