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Old 08-05-2019, 09:39 AM   #1
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Default Reason for so much squeaking?

Hi guys,

I've had my Russian dwarf hamster for just around 3 weeks now. Hes been fine up until a few days ago when hes started squeaking a lot more, for hours at a time sometimes. Hes doing it less again now, and I'm wondering if it's just him being grumpy from being woken up accidentally (obviously would never do it deliberately)/excited about new toys in his cage.

I know it can also be a sign of being ill, so I'll take him to the vets if it persists, but hes stopped doing it again now.

*His cage is fully cleaned every week, and he gets time out most days although hes not a huge fan of human contact for long periods of time.*

Just wondered if anyone has experienced this?

Not sure how old he is as he is adopted.

Thanks so much,
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Default Re: Reason for so much squeaking?

Hamsters squeak when excited or hurt. I am not an expert at this, as I only got my first hamster 1 month ago.

My hamster is pretty vocal (He screamed on the first day), and I have heard him cooing before. He has squeaked before, and from what I understand from the situation, he was excited.

I don’t think he should be squeaking a lot unless he was in pain. If it happens again, I’d check with a vet to see if everything was alright.

Like I said before, I’m not an expert, so hopefully someone who knows more can help!

However, please don’t clean his entire cage out every week. This is extremely stressful! Also, what size cage have you got? It may be to small, and he may be freaking out!

Hope this helps!
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