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Old 07-18-2019, 01:38 PM   #1
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Default Syrian Hamster Stopped Running On Wheel, Chews On Cage

I recently got a hamster a few months ago and recently upgraded her to a prevue hamster cage and silent runner wheel. She absolutely loved her wheel but about a week ago she stopped using it as much. She will run for a little after waking up but then will climb to the top corner of her cage and bite at the bars non-stop. I've checked to make sure the wheel still works and everything seems fine. Whenever she does this I try to put her back over by the wheel but she just goes right back to chewing the bars. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I know it's a sign of stress I'm just not sure what she is stressed from. I've been looking into getting more toys for her but not sure what some good ones are. If anyone has suggestions for anything please let me know!
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Default Re: Syrian Hamster Stopped Running On Wheel, Chews On Cage

It sounds like boredom to be honest now that she has settled in. The prevue is in my opinion, too small for a Syrian and especially for a female. They just need more room more often than not. You can try and enrich the cage more but really you can’t do a lot with the space once a large wheel and house is in there. The bar chewing is very unlikely to stop so I would start thinking about options such as a glass tank (75 gallon minimum) or a DIY linnmon cage. You can try adding more toys, more bedding, more hides etc but there is a good chance the chewing won’t stop as it tends to become a bad habit. You can also try free ranging her in the evenings when she’s awake that may keep her occupied for a bit. Just make sure she is supervised and that the area is safe and escape proof.
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Default Re: Syrian Hamster Stopped Running On Wheel, Chews On Cage

Has she got a wooden wheel? I heard they can crumble/splinter and hurt the hamster's feet. Might be worth checking the wheel isn't hurting her somehow. And is it big enough - at least 22 cm or preferably 28 for a syrian? My hamsters also ran more when I first got them, partly out of nervousness I think and partly for novelty value, so maybe that's normal.
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