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Old 02-09-2019, 12:23 PM   #1
AMAzing Ama
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Default Changes in behaviour + lack of trust?

Hi guys! Iím new here

Iíve had my hamster Hamilton for almost a year now, and in the beginning he would always bite me and all sorts when I tried to pick him up, but now heís softened up to me and heíll be picked up and petted, but heíll usually just try to wriggle away after a minute or two. He does a couple of tricks for food, like when I say the word ďstandĒ heíll stand on his hind legs, and when I say ďthrough the tunnelĒ heíll (sometimes) dash through his tunnel. Heís happy to sleep near me and heís usually quite relaxed, but lately heís just been acting a bit less happy-go-lucky, and even more squirmy when I pick him up than usual. Iíve checked him over for ailments and Iíve found nothing. Iíve ruled out age as well, since heís only 18 months.

Iíve read lots of these threads, and people always talk about how their hamsters will fall asleep in their hands, and sit on their shoulders or in their pockets, and it just makes me feel like maybe Hamilton, although heís content being around me and being held for short periods of time, just doesnít really trust me that much. Heíd never fall asleep on me, or perch on my shoulder or anything like that, so Iím worried Iíve done something wrong. Should I try and re-tame him?

Iím a first time hamster owner, and even though Iíve done a lot of research, I still think that Iím not that good at raising the little guy yet! I just want him to trust me more, and I need ways to help that. Hope you guys can give me a couple of pointers so I can give Hammie the best life possible
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Old 02-10-2019, 02:27 AM   #2
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Default Re: Changes in behaviour + lack of trust?

Hamsters falling asleep in your hands or on your shoulder is quite unusual at that kind of age, they will often do that when they're older & slowing down but most younger hams really want to e active, running around & exploring so I would just interact with him in a way that suits him, they often enjoying climbing on their owners & will sit in the hand briefly but really just enjoy watching him do natural hamster things!
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