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Old 08-17-2018, 01:37 PM   #1
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Question Winter white dwarf

Hello everyone. Im still a beginner on having hamster. Recently ive bought a couple of dwarf winter white hamsters, male and female. I used to keep them both together in a same cage. They were all fine and always get along with each other even though there was some playful fights.

After a month, i found the female hamster gave birth. On the same day i made some adjustment for the wellbeing of the baby hamsters. For example adding some unscented tissues for the mom to create nest for the babies. I also did separate the male hamster to avoid repregnancy. I placed the male hamster on a different cage.

After a week ago, when i was feeding both the hamsters separately, i just wanted to let them both meet each other again and hv some good time together. So i placed both of them in a box cover. The next second i put them together, the female hamster run on to the male hamster and started fighting very aggressively. I swear ive nvr seen them fight like that before. I freaked out and wanted to seperate them both. It was quite hard as they were fighting aggressively. Finally i managed to seperate them but my finger got bitten by the female hamster. I placed them back on their respective cages and washed the wound.

Now my biggest worry is that can i even put them back again on a same cage? As i can see the female hamster reacted very aggressively towards the male, im afraid it will lead to a serious injury on them if i put them back together. Pls advise me on this.

Besides, im planning on buying a big aquarium tank soon to make them bigger space and let the male, female and the babies together. Is this a good idea?
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Default Re: Winter white dwarf

No you can't put them back together ever. They are territorial and the female has decided this is her place. It is not good for them to be together and breeding back to back litters either.
They are not small people and they do not need family playtime. In the wild the females would drive away the young and start her next litter. You need to separate them in to male and female groups and keep them separate - no play dates or any other interaction. Find homes for the pups as singles or same sex pairs or else they will mate with each other and then you have inbred animals which could have medical problems.
Please for your hamsters sakes keep the sexes separate. You will end up with hundreds of hamsters in no time at all if you don't.
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