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Old 04-14-2018, 06:12 PM   #1
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Unhappy Have I traumatised my hamster ?

Hiya. The first day I got my hamster , despite the strict 24 hour rule , he seemed extremely hyperactive . I thought that it would be a good idea to put him in the ball so he could explore without touching him. I got his home out and put it by the entrance to the ball. Instead of going into to the ball he ran behind my drawers. My drawers are not possible to move and I didnít want him to chew any wires so I knew I had to get him out . I tried using treats or guiding him with the scent of his home but it wasnít working . In the end I had to use a rod to make him move to the box . I didnít touch him with it , I simply guided him but I worry that this may have traumatised him. He is very jumpy around me , although he is slowly letting me stroke him more . If I have made him scared does anyone know how I can encourage him to not worry ? Also, if anybody knows how sensitive my hamster could have been to that individual experience can you let me know , I donít know how impressionable they are . Thank you .
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Default Re: Have I traumatised my hamster ?

Hello He is bound to be scared and jumpy having just moved to you. It's best not to move their cages at all - any change of environment - even moving the cage to another room - is a major thing for them. I can understand you wanting to let him out if he is hyperactive but just wondering how hyperactive. It is normal for them to go a bit crazy exploring their new cage on the first day, or running in the wheel a bit - a combination of stress and excitement.

But sometimes if something isn't right in the cage they will get stressed. Is the cage big enough? Enough substrate? Can he reach his food and water bottle ok? Is the wheel big enough? Somewhere to hide away (a house or shelf or substrate to bury himself in?) That kind of thing.

He's had a little adventure and is probably scared but he'll get over it Probably best now to leave him alone for 2 or 3 days to settle in (24 hours isn't really long enough) and talk to him through the bars so he gets familiar with you.

If you have a photo of your cage, can suggest if something may help him settle in easier. How is he at the moment?
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Default Re: Have I traumatised my hamster ?

Try not to worry too much, it will have been stressful for him but given some quite time to settle back down he'll get over it.
I wouldn't recommend using a ball at this stage even if he does seem very active in his cage, wait until he's settled enough for taming then try getting him out into a safe area like a playpen or bath with a towel in the bottom (plug in!) & some toys where you can interact with him & he can run around safely without getting stressed, give him time to settle first though.
I agree his behaviour may just be normal young ham behaviour or it may be that some changes to his cage would help keep him busy & out of trouble!
As Serendipity suggested a photo of your set up would help if you'd like some suggestions.
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