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Old 11-25-2017, 12:58 PM   #11
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Default Re: How to stop bar chewing

Hiya, my hamster was a frantic bar chewer a while back. He was unhappy and so was I! Anyway, people on here suggested giving him a Whimzee dog chew, so I bought a couple, and honestly, he has stopped chewing the bars completely. He loves the Whimzee chews and spends ages demolishing them. He did go off them for a short while but he now loves them again! I also got him a much bigger running wheel which he loves. Good luck!
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Default Re: How to stop bar chewing

Originally Posted by My hamster Zinky View Post
I havenít quite got to grips with the picture option yet, so unfortunately canít put one on here. But the cage has lots of running and climbing space as well as a flying saucer which he doesnít really go on and a wheel, which is a silent spinner. It is 9Ē so it doesnít bend his back when he runs.

He has stopped chewing the bars now and is instead chewing the metal suspenders of his hanging bridge. It doesnít make too much noise, but I worry that it isnít good for his teeth (Iím sure itís probaboy fine though). Last night he was chewing his actual wheel. He doesnít seem to want to chew the wood and cardboard that I put in there, perhaps my hamster doesnít like soft things to chew?

Also heís about 5 months old now, Iíve had him for 2 months. He seems to like his cage and his house is just a pile of bedding in the corner under a shelf (he prefers that set up to the actual large house that came with the cage!) and has quite a few hidy holes.

I think that, seeing as he has stopped the bar chewing now, and is now chewing other things that arenít wood or cardboard, itís kind of problem solved? Unless metal and plastic isnít a good thing to chew.... George has got some more toys coming (a chew shelf and a wooden bendy bridge) so he may like them. Thanks!
That's good news. Is it one of those hanging bridges with chains? They can have a few risks due to a hammy maybe getting a foot caught in the chains and the rungs being an open ladder style. There have been cases of hammies hanging by a broken leg, especially if the ladder is quite high up. Something like a rat sputnik might be better as a hanging toy - that works best hung next to a shelf so he can get in it easily - but watch there is nothing hard to land on if he jumps out of the other side. Plenty of substrate should cushion jumping out. Putting bit of bedding and a treat in the sputnik tends to tempt them into it to try it out.

Do you mean 9" silent "runner"? There isn't a 9" silent spinner, just a 6.5" or a 12".

I would suggest replacing the hanging bridge, keep plenty of substrate in, add plenty of chews and a whimzee chew and see how he goes. Replacing the bridge could be good (eg with a sputnik) as they can get upset if things are just taken out whereas something new added will be interesting and distract from the change.

You can also get them from rat rations and choose the top and bottom colour.

Sputnik - XL - £4.99 :

This is one hanging in our Syrian's cage. When it was in a lower cage he could just climb in it from floor level. In the taller Barney cage it works best next to, or partly over a shelf.

I would think about getting a bigger wheel if he is chewing it - it might be big enough but they do seem to prefer a large wheel and run better in it. There might be something that is bothering him.

A popular option is the 28cm Trixie wheel.

Cage Set up - shrunk.jpg

P5061259 (2).jpg

Alternatively you could replace the chains on the hanging bridge with sisal rope, which is safe to chew, and stick a piece of wood under the rungs to make it solid. But if he chews the rope it will collapse so maybe not!
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Default Re: How to stop bar chewing

Originally Posted by My hamster Zinky View Post
Last night he was chewing his actual wheel. He doesnít seem to want to chew the wood and cardboard that I put in there, perhaps my hamster doesnít like soft things to chew?
None of mine have been interested in chewing wood and the majority of mine haven't bothered with chewing cardboard either.

Have you tried giving your hamster a dog biscuit or anything like that? Whimzees chews are always popular with my hamsters.

(The small size will be fine for a hamster)
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