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05-20-2010, 10:07 AM
I'm thinking of making my own playground for Daisy my syrian. Instead of just being handled and having her ball time i want her to have a really good playarea. I was thinking of using lot's of carboard box's and using the carboard toilet rolls as tunnels and joining some, linking them to other box's and basically making a very big fun house! I just wanted some help/tip's and idea's on how to make it really good! I understand she may chew the box's but hopefully not if she's got enough to do. I had the idea before of this, sort of like when I was little and i created a very big barbie house, it was actually quite good, I have this idea for the hamster house! I want levels, i'll use stairs which i'll make etc I have a big dream about doing this.
IF you've ever done this or whatever please post pictures and help me!
Thanks :D
Sorry I haven't been on here much, I've recently joined but had so much school work!

05-20-2010, 10:12 AM

this is what i made for my hamster smudge! i got rid of it only because he has floor time instead.
you could also (if you have a empty or spare room) block off any holes or hazzerds and let you ham roam free in the room!! :)

05-20-2010, 10:22 AM
That playground looks pretty cool and adventurous! I'd like to give Daisy free running time in the room but whenever i've tried in the past she starts running really fast, stopping and starting and then she run's under me, think she gets a bit scared with all the space. But could give it another try, she hasn't get had the whole room to run in.
I might start the playground this weekend and take inspriation from yours! =D

05-20-2010, 10:25 AM
:) Good Luck!!

05-20-2010, 12:06 PM
A playground sounds great. I may even do the same. :p

05-20-2010, 02:53 PM
I just let Dewey loose in my room. The worst that could happen is that he'd go under my dresser, and if he did that I could just pull the drawer out and get him.
I always watch him when I do that though. Its usually when I'm cleaning my room, I give him his runaround play time