View Full Version : Two wooden home made cage's

06-03-2011, 03:15 AM
I am making my hammie's a habitat, I was going to buy conti board from b&q (5 48 a sheet 1m x 600mm) but father in law had an old wardorbe and we come up with this

The bedding stopper's are too high so they were cut down (and now the one for the syrian is too short so i am making a wire mesh door)
I glued washable vinyl or pvc fabric to the back,side's and bottom and will be sealing the edge's with aquarium sealant today.


I have ordered balsa wood and lolly stick's and dowel's to make the toy's tower's and platform's

06-03-2011, 02:34 PM
That's looking great, might have to show it to the bf ;)
Love the lining too ^.^ how long has it taken so far?

06-03-2011, 03:06 PM
My in law cut it all for me so i just put it together that was about an hour or so. I used pvc tablecloth fabric from dunelm mill to line it which was very fiddly took ages and loads of glue (i would use vinyl tile's form poundland or something if i was to do it again) then i had to wait for it all to dry before cutting in all the edge's and sealing it with aquarium sealant which will take 48hour's to dry and Harvey can get out so i'm having to make a wire door which is also fiddly, I would say a whole day really but planning it and designing the toy's to go in ordering wood and going to lot's of shop's (by mountain bike) more than a week for all that and ebay stuff not delivered yet so don't know when i can make toy's:( I'm really loving it i made my guinea pig cage and i make toy's/bed's for them too it's cost about 50

wood FREE
Pvc covering 8.07 3 metres
balsa wood 14 plus 4 delivery
Aquarium sealant 9.99
glue 6
dowel's lolly stick's 6
glue gun and stick's 6.49
plasti cote 6.95