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05-15-2011, 08:59 AM
I currently have a Savic Cambridge (I believe :confused:) for my little Poppy (white long-haired hamser... will post pictures when I get some good ones :D!!)

I would like to expand her cage so that she has more room to play in but I was wondering if people could help me with options...

1.) How would I convert the cage so that tubes would allow her to travel to a different cage? I'm not sure if I want to cut the wires as I'm not so sure of my DIY skills but there are two doors (side and top) that I supposed could be converted but I'm unsure how....

2.) I'm unsure what to use as the second cage/extension as I have previously tried (unsucessfully) to make a bin cage but would try again. My other option would be to keep and eye out on ebay etc to see if I can pick up a cheap rotastak/crittertrail/habitrail etc cage.

Any help would be welcomed!!! I have been looking through the housing forums with all the home-made bin cages and all the massive cages and I'm so jealous :mrgreen:

05-15-2011, 12:17 PM
You can connect wire cages together by cutting the cage bars and attaching a ferplast tube adaptor
Here are some great examples

and this thread shows you what another member did to extend her cambridge (mine is pictured at the bottom)

05-15-2011, 12:31 PM
Dunno if these might help : http://www.hamstercentral.com/community/diy-do-yourself-hamster-projects/13222-sens-extension.html#post156832 and http://www.hamstercentral.com/community/diy-do-yourself-hamster-projects/13321-sens-loving-her-new-extension.html#post158102
I decided that I didn't like the yellow cage enough to not cut the bars, but it was easy when you've got the right tools (i.e. hardcore wire cutters). My plan is that if I don't need any of the holes (I've got three in that yellow cage now) that I can just put the cap on it (which comes with the attachment). So I'm sorted. Although it's a tiny cage and I'll probably always have an extension on it from now on (until I bin it).

Also this is the bin cage I added: http://www.hamstercentral.com/community/housing/14217-sens-cage-growing-arms-legs-pics.html and final pics of the roof on the bin: http://www.hamstercentral.com/community/diy-do-yourself-hamster-projects/14272-plastic-bin-cage-roof.html

Btw, I don't think a hammy's cage needs to be this big - it's just because she can get REALLY hyper at times and seems to enjoy the extra space. Also means if I can't take her out I don't feel too bad, coz she's got lots of roaming space.

05-17-2011, 04:44 AM
Thanks for your advice but I didn't really want to go down the route of having to wire cutters if I dont have to as I'd like to be able to use the cage on it's own. However I do really like the idea about the tube stoppers (I suppose in theory if the tube fits why shouldn't the stopper/plug) but I'm just worried that, from previously having hammies escape due to them being able to open plug and doors etc, this might not be the most secure way... especially as I have two cats in the house too....

I'm still thinking of an over the door thing, then it's easy to replcace as and when needed!

emma and button
05-23-2011, 01:42 AM
I didn't cut my cambridge! I took the side door off and took the door off another savic cage and simply put them side by side and wired them together :) you could easily cut a hole in the bin cage at the same height and wire it to your cambridge :)