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01-30-2011, 06:31 PM
I finished this over 2 weeks ago, but my phone and computer had an argument so couldn't upload photos.

Anyway, it's 110x50x50cm, it's not finished yet, by all accounts..but for now I'm not working on it.
It's got a 20cm piece of acrylic at the front and two sliding acrylic doors.
The piece of 2x4 is just structural so the hammy doesn't come into contact with it.


this is it with the 3 substrates, childrens play sand, megazorb and corn cob bedding :)


'ooh, there's food in the new cage too ^.^'

She seems really happy in there, and I have another cage the same size on the bottom floor.

01-30-2011, 07:22 PM
That's fab Katie! :D I'm sure she's delighted!

Is the big glass jar the loo?

01-31-2011, 03:34 AM
The glass jar is the sand bath, sandy enjoys burying her sand bath but we don't have that issue with the jar (which saves me a lot of chinchilla sand)
The little triangular pot by the wheel is where she goes to the loo :) one day I hope to make her a little house and put it in it's own section in there, which is why it's an odd shape :)

01-31-2011, 06:08 AM
Hehe, cute! :D

01-31-2011, 09:45 AM
Lovely cage katie :) she is a very lucky ham ham, I would love to do something like this for mine xx

01-31-2011, 12:37 PM
Thats fab :D
sandy must love all the space!

01-31-2011, 12:41 PM
thats amazing!! looks really nice and bet sandy loves it ;D

01-31-2011, 12:41 PM
She does seem to, she's always been my most confident hamster, and loves digging it all around.
Needless to say the substrate is no longer in 3 tidy sections :p

I still need to make a wheel stand, but haven't had chance recently >.<

01-31-2011, 01:21 PM
Wow, great D.I.Y skills there may I add;) x

01-31-2011, 01:22 PM
Well done! It looks fantastic :D

01-31-2011, 01:38 PM
Wow, great D.I.Y skills there may I add;) x

My dad made it for me in like..less than a day >.<
Nobody trusts me with powertools >.<

Only thing I made was the waterbottle holder D:
but..to be fair..it's a pretty good looking water bottle holder..

02-01-2011, 03:43 AM
That looks great :)

02-21-2011, 12:01 PM
Hey Katie,
i love the cage, it's great and has very nice equipment! ;)
The waterbottle holder you made is fantastic!

02-21-2011, 05:31 PM
Hi Katie the cage looks great, i love the jar for a sand bath, i might do that

02-22-2011, 01:24 AM
Looks cool. :D
Can I ask what material is used to make the walls?

02-22-2011, 04:57 AM
It's skatelite, it's about 4x harder than MDF and also water proof. It's used for skateboard ramps (my dad builds them, so was easy for him to use his scraps to do this)
There's 4 pieces of 4x2 which the hamsters don't come into contact with.

It's only 8mm skatelite, but doesn't bend at all (which is impressive if you've ever seen 8mm mdf...I have an 18mm mdf desk and it still bends in the middle, whereas this is completely rigid :D )

I realise this doesn't really help since most people don't have access to it though >.< I think skatelite is a trade name and it's made the same way as MDF, but my dad said it'd be more like HDF >.<
Although I assume it's similar to some form of Masonite >.<

02-22-2011, 07:34 AM
So, waterproof High Density Fibreboard.
Cool :D
Nice that its made from scraps. Gotta love recycling :p

02-25-2011, 11:41 AM
WOW ! :o


03-09-2011, 05:06 AM
looks good

03-09-2011, 05:09 AM
It looks lovely. Very lucky little hammy.