View Full Version : List of Hamster Breeders, Rescue Facilities and Board

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  2. Hamster Breeders (United Kingdom)
  3. Hamster Breeders (North America - Canada, USA)
  4. Hamster Breeders (Europe)
  5. Notes on looking for Hamster Breeders
  6. Looking for Chinese dwarf hamsters
  7. Roborovski Breeders? South Wales.
  8. Syrian breeder in Ohio
  9. Hammy Breeders, Florida?
  10. Breeders/Rescues In Devon?
  11. Chinese breeder NE UK
  12. sirian hammy breeders in/near south wales?
  13. Winter White Breeder
  14. Dwarf Hamster breeders in South West UK
  15. Breeders In Kent
  16. Hamster breeders in Bristol
  17. Rex Syrian Hamster Breeds South West England??
  18. Reviews on Wessex Hamstery?
  19. hamster sitter needed
  20. Dwarf Hamster Breeders Scotland
  21. Looking For Robo Breeder Kent.
  22. I'm very out of the way from the hamsters
  23. Looking for Dwarf Breeder in Wirral, Cheshire.
  24. Breeders in Illinois?
  25. Robo Breeder Leicestershire/Hertfordshire
  26. Syrian breeder in Doncaster/South Yorkshire
  27. Looking for a Chinese breeder in/near Northants
  28. Black hammies
  29. syrian hamster babies girls and boys kent
  30. I want to adopt a Syrian hamster but can't find any, please help.
  31. Looking for a Syrian Breeder in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire or Northamptonshire
  32. Syrian hamster rescue
  33. Hamster holiday home needed - help finding one
  34. Dwarf hamster wanted
  35. how do i find sensible breeders in my area ?
  36. Hamster breeders/rescue in Wiltshire??
  37. Need a hamster sitter in Southampton!
  38. Looking for a Syrian Breeder in Northern Ireland
  39. Syrain hamster rescue in the north east
  40. Introducing Teesside Hamsters
  41. Any Hamster breeders in Ontairo, Canada?
  42. Any syrian breeders in Preston area?
  43. Looking for syrian breeders in Somerset/Dorset (near Yeovil preferably)
  44. Winter whites.
  45. Hamster Breeders
  46. Looking for Roborovski breeders in Manchester
  47. hamster breeders in cheshire
  48. Looking for Syrian breeder in or near Leicestershire ...
  49. Breeders near Maidstone Kent!!!!!
  50. Hamsters in London
  51. Anybody in South East London able to hamster sit? :)
  52. Looking for a hamster breeder in south wales uk
  53. Hamster sitters in South East?
  54. Hamster Breeder near cheltenham?
  55. Hi everyone, is there any hamsters in Weymouth, Dorset England?
  56. Breeder of Roborovski's in West Midlands?
  57. Long haired Sryians.
  58. Any hammie breeders in West Mids???
  59. Seeking Syrian Hamster Breeder. Sheffield.
  60. Any hamster breeders in Okaloosa County, Florida?
  61. Seeking Mottled Campbell breeder for West Coast USA
  62. Looking for a Syrian breeder in Hampshire
  63. Breeders in Essex?
  64. Roborovski Hamsters in Sheffield
  65. Robo breeders?
  66. Breeders in northeastern USA?
  67. Specific Campbell breeders?
  68. Syrian Hamster Breeders Bath/Bristol Area?
  69. Arizona Hamster Breeders
  70. Tristar Hamstery Contact?
  71. Hamster Wanted Newcastle Upon Tyne
  72. Winter Whites
  73. Hamster Wanted - Around Cannock area
  74. hamster breeders around East Lothian, Scotland?
  75. Campbells in middle/eastern/south Europe
  76. Recommended Hamster breeders in Cheshire ?
  77. Liliput Hams
  78. Hamster breeders or rescue, Uk, Devon
  79. Wellington hamsters
  80. Syrian hamsters in melton mowbary?
  81. Looking for Syrian breeder in MO, US?
  82. Looking for Syrian breeders in upstate New York?
  83. Chinese Hamster Breeders in North Wales/Cheshire?
  84. Looking for a breeder in Oregon.
  85. Dwarf breeders in Devon, UK
  86. Syrian Hamster Breeder- South Carolina
  87. Cinnamon / Stafford
  88. Looking for a Syrian breeder in Scotland
  89. Cost of a show hamster?
  90. Winter White Dwarf Hamster Breeders in London area
  91. board in northern ireland
  92. Breeders/ rescue facilities in Essex?
  93. Robo hamster breeder near Houston, TX
  94. Hamster Breeders in Toronto?
  95. Hamster rescue
  96. Looking for Robo breeders in CA, UT, AZ (USA)
  97. Winter White Dwarf Hamster breeder in N. London/Herts?
  98. Breeders in San Francisco area
  99. can any one here can ship hamster
  100. Hamster breeders in Arizona?
  101. Hamster breeders in Cumbria or the surrounding area
  102. Syrian Hamster breeders -Manchester, uk
  103. Hamster Rescues in London
  104. Russian Dwarf Prices
  105. Adoption Centers OR breeders
  106. Any breeders in Scotland? Ideally Edinburgh.
  107. Hamster breeders near Cardiff?
  108. Any hamster breeders nearby to Lowestoft
  109. Syrians in aberdeen?
  110. Hamster Breeders, West Midlands!
  111. Robrovski's in Bristol
  112. Available rescues / shelters / breeders / etc in VA?
  113. Home offered in Scotland
  114. Hamster Breeders West Essex Loughton, Epping/ Hertfordshire Border
  115. breeders in uk, cornwall
  116. oakfarm rabbits and rodents, still in business?
  117. Breeders Dorset
  118. roborovskis in westmidlands/staffordshire?
  119. Breeders around Bucks/ Berks UK?
  120. Breeder in Herfordshire or Bedfordshire :/
  121. Syrian Hamster breeders near Wigan lancs
  122. Clackmannan, Scotland
  123. Breeders in Yorkshire
  124. Devon hamsters
  125. Hamster breeders in Canada
  126. Syrian hamster breeders in Vancouver?
  127. Roborovski Breeder in Canada
  128. Breeders in North London
  129. Syrian Breeders in Upstate NY
  130. Winter White Breeders or rescues in Colorado?
  131. Winter White breeders in Leicester ?
  132. Any hamster breeders in Florida - USA?
  133. Pet boarding in NI
  134. Anyone know of any Breeders in the Maryland/Pennsylvania areas?
  135. Winter White breeders (East Midlands preferred)
  136. Looking for a Male Syrian!
  137. Any breeders in Minnesota
  138. Looking for Colorado/Arizona Dwarf hamster breeders/rescues
  139. Looking for a winter white hamster (east midlands)
  140. Hamsters in West Sussex
  141. hamster sitter wanted for christmas- Gretna
  142. Winter white breeder central Scotland
  143. looking for a ham in wisconsin
  144. Looking for a fairly local breeder!
  145. Tips on fostering hamsters?
  146. Hamster fostering in New Hampshire
  147. Breeders in Essex
  148. New Hamster
  149. North east hamster rescues
  150. looking for Syrian hamster breeders in norfolk uk
  151. I am looking for a hamster breeder in Carlisle, UK
  152. Breeder in London or around Oxfordshire?
  153. Where to buy hamsters on Long Island, NY
  154. Any dwarf breeders in or around Yorkshire?
  155. Breeder in London UK ?
  156. Breeders near Buffalo NY
  157. Syrian breeders in or near Missouri?
  158. Syrian Breeders in/near Yorkshire?
  159. Breeders in the midlands?
  160. roborovski breeders in New England area?
  161. Syrian breeder in kent uk?
  162. any breeders near me?
  163. Hamsters for adoption South Yorkshire at Austin's Hamster Haven
  164. SW London Robo breeder?
  165. Are there any Syrian breeders near CT - USA?
  166. Wanted - 4 Roborovski hamsters- Yorkshire
  167. Winter White Dwarf Breeder
  168. Looking for breeder (Neath/Cardiff/Newport)
  169. Breeder in Buckinghamshire
  170. Foal Farm Rescue - Small Animal Section - 2 Hammies
  171. Wanted: Pedigree Syrian in Edinburgh
  172. Long haired Syrians in the West Midlands/Warwickshire?
  173. Breeders or rescues near Buckinghamshire, UK
  174. how about the US?
  175. CANADA BC hamster breeders?
  176. Black eyed white breeder UK??
  177. Looking for a breeder in Northampton/Brackley
  178. Looking for Winter White Breeder in NY/NJ/PA
  179. Seeking Maryland Hammies
  180. Hamster breeders Northamptonshire
  181. Looking for Syrian breeder in Ireland
  182. Breeders in Colorado?
  183. Syrian breeder in Tennessee?
  184. Are there any breeders in Washington?
  185. Looking for a breeder - where to start?
  186. Looking for Breeder in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  187. Hamster Board - South / Central London UK
  188. Any known breeders in Ohio?
  189. Where can I find a Chinese Hamster in Phila., PA?
  190. Chinese Hamster breeders in the UK?
  191. Syrian Hamster - Scotland/Aberdeenshire Area?
  192. Seeking Campbells Breeder in WI, IL, MN, IN, or IA.
  193. Roborovski Breeders near Cornwall, UK?
  194. Hamster breeders near London?
  195. Chinese hamster breeders
  196. Roborovski breeders in the west Midlands area.
  197. Hamster Breeders/Shelters in/near Michigan
  198. Looking for syrian hamster rescue/breeder in derby/Ashbourne U.K
  199. Hello - searching for baby hamster in Norfolk, UK
  200. Hamster breeder in South Wales UK
  201. Looking for a breeder in Utah (Salt Lake/Provo area)
  202. Searching for a syrian breeder in south england
  203. Dom Spot Breeder in Midlands?
  204. Looking for breeder
  205. Any Syrian hamster breeders in or near Loughborough, UK?
  206. Cambridge/Cambridgeshire active breeders?
  207. Hamster boarding in Essex/London
  208. Pets at home adoption?
  209. Any hamster breeders/rescues around SE Iowa?
  210. Where can i find a WW?
  211. Breeders/Rescues in Oregon? 🐹
  212. Breeders/ Rescues in South Dakota
  213. Best place to get a syrian from - Cheshire UK
  214. List of rodent/pet rescues Uk
  215. Syrian breeders near Kent, South East England?
  216. Does anyone know of any breeders in SE Iowa/Omaha?
  217. Dwarf Hamster Breeders in Southern California?
  218. Boarding for my hammy in August
  219. Sheffield in home pet care
  220. Any Campbell Breeders? Ohio/Michigan
  221. Where Can I Find A Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster - Victoria, BC, Canada
  222. Breeders of Torts UK ????
  223. Newcastle breeders/rescue
  224. Any rescues or breeders in North Staffordshire?
  225. Syrian hamster adoption in or around North Carolina?
  226. Any Hamster breeders in Shropshire?
  227. Seeking Syrian Hamster Breeder in Central Ohio
  228. hamster breeders in Pennsylvania area
  229. Is there Any Breeder In North Carolina close to Charlotte?
  230. Are there good Russian Dwarf Hamster breeders in Nottingham?
  231. anyone know where to get roborovski hamsters in/near London?