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Default Re: How would you like to see our community grow?

Originally Posted by fluffymunchkins View Post
Like different competions for like bravest ham of the month or whatever
I agree with FM on this, we could do like a series of hamster photograph competitions with themes, so that members can spend time taking lovely pictures of their hammies with specific themes...e.g Christmas, Summer or random ones like "Sleepy hamster"

We could also do a caption competition where members PM funny pictures to a specific moderator, and then that moderator chooses a picture to make a thread for members to decide captions for. The best caption becomes the caption for the image, and we could do something with that image (unsure as to what yet - people help me!)

With more activities on the forum, more members may join as these friendly events can make people feel more 'at home' with the forum, and thus we could have a greater variety of people to speak to about our hammies

Just thought I'd chip in my two cents
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