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Default Re: Is Tody a hybrid hamster?

He's adorable. He is probably a hybrid as most dwarf hamsters are - unless they are bought from a breeder and have a pedigree. He is still a Russian Dwarf hamster though.

There are two species of Russian Dwarf hamsters - Winter Whites and Campbells. Hybrids are a cross of the two (and can look like a winter white or a campbells but still be a hybrid).

They have been interbred so much that nearly all dwarf hamsters sold, are hybrid Russian Dwarf hamsters.

The only thing to be careful of is, hybrids are prone to diabetes so it's important they have a sugar free diet. A tiny bit of daily veg is fine, despite veg containing some sugars. But fruit is best avoided and a hamster mix should be a sugar free one (also treats etc need to be sugar free).
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