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Default Re: Advice of behaviours

Hi and welcome to the world of hamsters.

What you want to do is encourage natural behaviours of nesting, foraging, hoarding and exercising to keep a hamster happy.

To do that you need to give your hamster a big enclosure with deep substrate to burrow in, a big house that's bottomless and sitting on top of the substrate so your hamster can build a cozy nest inside. They often sink the nest into the substrate and keep a hoard closeby or underneath the nest. Leave a big heap of torn into strips plain white toilet paper outside the house for nesting material.

They love to forage for food so its a good idea to put half of the daily food mix into the bowl and scatter the other half around the cage. Hide treats for your hamster to find.

They pouch food and take it to their hoards to snack from it later. Hoards are important to a hamster and they can get cross if we disturb them.

Hamsters run miles in the wilds so a wheel with a solid running surface is important. The wheel needs to big enough so they can run with a straight back.

Avoid stressing your hamster because stress can make them ill. Give them plenty of enrichment, cover and things to do in their habitat so they feel secure.

If there's any specific behaviours you are wondering about, just ask.

Every hamster has their own personality with behaviours that are individual to them which you will find out as you get to know your hamster.

Hope this helps.
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