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Default What to do with the belongings...

....of someone who died.

There are keepsakes and memorials around the house.
Percy's flying mug, Henry's photo, Gordon's cottage, Edwina's salt pig and Clarissa's house.

I used their habitats and furnishings for other hamsters but i struggled with Clarissa's Hamster Heaven and belongings.
I don't know why i couldn't bring myself to reuse them. Everything had been cleaned and disinfected but was stored in boxes making me sad when i looked at them.

I decided to sell the lot and gave paintable items a lick of paint so everything looked bright and colourful. Ready for another little hamster to enjoy the habitat Clarissa liked so much.

I was very lucky to find the perfect home the day i advertised it and to watch the children jump and squeal with joy when they saw the colourful new home for their hamster turned a little of my sadness into joy as well.
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always in my thoughts Percy, Henry, Gordon, Edwina and Clarissa
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