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Default Re: My first hamster

I get out of bed at first light, about 30 minutes before official sunrise, and that's when I get to interact with Bean. By sunrise, he's back in the burrow.

Not finding what I wanted in the stores, I ordered a sand bath and some sand from Amazon several days ago. It's still on the way, from the other side of the US.

Maybe they mislabeled Bean and his companion as Winter Whites because of his size and his light coloring. From what I've seen on the internet, the white eyebrows and the lack of a stripe down his back pretty much guarantee he's a robo. Fine with me. I thought a robo would be totally unresponsive to humans but Bean--well, he's responsive to sunflower seeds anyway.

This morning, he took a seed from a half inch/a centimeter or so into the palm of my hand. He also took a test bite of my finger. Powerful little jaws, he has. Apparently my jump wasn't big enough to scare him.
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