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Default Re: My first hamster

Our Monty is a large Robo. In fact, he's the biggest i've ever seen and i've fostered and rehomed a number of Robos. Like humans, hamsters come in different sizes.

Does yours have a sandbath? Robos love a sand area with a little hide in it.

Once you're able to handle your Robo, turn him over and have a look at his private parts. They are quite obvious in a large, male Robo.

Thing about Robos is that they don't move when you have a hold of them so doing a health check, sexing them or trimming nails is easier than with other dwarf hamsters.
I hold them with their back against my palm and my thumb across their chest to check their gender.

Always handle a Robo over something soft and enclosed in case he jumps off.

I like all species of hamsters but wouldn't want to be without a Robo. They have these incredibly cute faces.....
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