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Default Re: Bugs. Bugs everywhere. Help

Horrible isn’t it. Don’t worry they’ll soon be gone. The only thing that slightly concerns me is a cage change is a stressful thing for a hamster and it’s usually recommended to move everything over without cleaning so they settle quicker. As you can’t do that then do try to
Keep the layout the same as before so that is less disorientating for them. Eg house right hand side, wheel back left- other items placed as before. So their “route” is the same. And it could take 10 days or more for then to fully settle so no cleaning for the first two weeks after moving (apart from emptying a litter tray or spot cleaning the pee once or twice a week.

I’d also suggest letting the hammy explore the new cage the day before moving them over as that can really help them settle quicker. They’ve already scent marked a bit and familiarised. So just with some new substrate and any new items you’re adding so they can just have a bit of an explore. Then back to the old cage overnight then move later the next day after you’ve cleaned items to move over
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