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Default All of my friends hamsters keep dying

My friend has had a few hamsters who have all suddenly died after not even a year. All of those hamsters were dwarf hamsters and she got a Chinese hamster in January last year. She thought that the reason why all of her past hamsters died since dwarf hamsters are usually hybrids and have poor health. She got a Chinese hamster thinking he would have better health. Sadly he died yesterday very suddenly. He never appeared old or wasn't acting weirdly and she found him in his burrow last night and he had died. He always was running around on his wheel and would burrow around and he loved to be taken out of his cage to climb around on our laps. He had a bin cage that was a very good size. She used Higgins Sunburst food and used paper bedding. All of her care was right but he still died. Does anyone have any idea of why this could have happened? I really want to help her. I will try to post a picture of him. The only one I have is from July 2020.
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