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Default Re: Barney cage ramp - Alternative ideas?

Thank you. That's very helpful. I don't think she's struggling struggling yet though, she's just not as active as she was. It's quite nice actually, she was too flightly to handle when she was younger, but now she's mellowed a bit I can get her out the cage more easily.

The way I have the cage set up, both her houses are underneath the shelf, so I wouldn't be able to add anything if I removed it, I'd only be taking away. It seems a shame but I will keep an eye on her and if she really looks like she can't get up there I will take it away. Putting it near the roof might be hard as well. One of the bars snapped so I had to zip-tie a bendy bridge over the broken part so she wouldn't hurt herself. I'll figure something out when the time comes though.
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