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Default Re: Barney cage ramp - Alternative ideas?

Hello. I stuck hemp mat on my wood ladder so it was easier to grip. But to be honest if she is struggling to climb things she could have an accident. And it might be better to remove the ramp and have more enrichment at floor level. That is what I did with the Barney cage when one of our Syrians got older. Set him up a retirement bungalow. Leaving most things the same. I moved the shelf right up to roof level - so he could still feel "under" it - they like to sit under shelves as well as climb on them. It was flush against the roof so it he did happen to manage to climb the bars up to it there was no space for him to get onto the shelf and fall off.

In the space where the shelf had been I added extra toys at floor level - a cork log (low level climbing and a tunnel to go through. A rat tube at floor level tied to the bars at that end. And a hyacinth ball which I would stick pumpkin seeds in regularly - to distract from the changes and something new to like. They like getting the seeds out of the ball.

You might find she prefers it as its easier. Just scatter a few treats after the changes.

There's a video of it here. This is also the Barney cage (the 100cm one) even though it has different coloured bars (it was called the Barney Special). You get a glimpse of the shelf at roof level early on. There are some photos of it below as well. This was for a very old syrian so I knew he couldn't climb the bars so I risked a hammock high up as there was no way he could reach it but it gave overhead cover which can make them feel more secure with the open space.

At the right hand side he had shallow steps leading to the house roof if he wanted to get up there as it wasn't far to fall from but eventually I took those out as he was too doddery so didn't want him climbing up there either.

Older Syrian Hamster cage set up - YouTube

2016 bungalow resized.jpg

2016 Sept new cage layout (21) resized.jpg

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