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Default Barney cage ramp - Alternative ideas?

Hi all

I have a syrian female in the Skyline Barney cage and all in all I'm pretty happy with it. However, as she's getting older (she's a year and 4 months now) she's struggling more and more to climb the ramp to the top level where she likes to store her food.

The ramp is just flat wood with only three grooves, it doesn't have much grip. She manages most of the time by using the bars of the cage beside it to climb up. But I want to make it easier for her in any way I can.

Does anyone have any ideas on anything I can do to either make the existing ramp easier to climb, or have an idea on something I can use instead.

Thank you for your help.

(I'm sorry, I can't seen to post a picture, but if you google 'Skyline Barney pet cage' you'll be able to see what I mean if you're not familiar with the cage.
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