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Default giving Baytril to Hamster

Hello! Our Victoria is 1 year and 8 months old. usually very fit and healthy, but has got a respiratory infection. It is day 3 of giving her baytril. I feel quite confident with the syringe having nursed sick bunnies in the past. However, I'm not used to the pouch full of food thing! My question is, (and I kind of worried I know the answer) If I put baytril on top of food in her pouch will she swallow any of it down? I was nervous about her not coming out of her home again and just did the baytril before she went back into her bed to hide her food. I'm worried now that this precious medicine that she SO needs, has been wasted. The vet has told me to give 0.12 ml once a day. so she has a long time to wait for the next dose. and she is So wobbly and breathing fast and weak. Not like herself at all. Will she just spit it all out now? As she is so ill, I don't think she is eating much of the food she hides in her bed.
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