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That would be why I couldn't see the whimzee then. I will no doubt find in on the next cleaning! That's brilliant I hadnt thought you could make a play area so easily.i love the idea of using the recycling and the pringles. It could be s
Changed regularly then. Do you wake them up to do it. Mine seems to be asleep until 1am. !
The lid is quite easy to do. You buy a 40x50 photo frame (I bought a 30x40 this time by accident which means I have to have 5 instead of 3). You take the perspex out and use this to cut round the mesh(which can be got from a hardware store). There are clips in the photo frame to keep the perspex/picture in you use these to fit in the wire and its done. I'm no good at diy so this works nicely. Hope this helps. If I can remember how to do the photos I'll put a picture on.
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