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Exclamation Cat got ahold of hamster, advice needed.

Hi everyone. I've been a lurker not a poster but I have an emergency. My cat got ahold of one of my hamsters through the bars of her cage. He had her right hind leg. He stripped the skin from her leg and there were a few drops of blood that stopped quickly. The leg didn't look broken but she's limping. I put neosporin on the leg. I've called around and there are no emergency vets open tonight. The exotic vets in my area are refusing to take new clients (according to their web sites) so I don't know if I can get her to the vet. I have put neosporin on her leg. I plan to call these vets tomorrow to see if they will let me take her in but if they won't, what should I do to help her? She's acting normal and accepting treats but I don't want to lose her. Can someone offer advice? Thank you.
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