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Lightbulb Re: Hamster behaviour in multi-chamber house

Hi again, can I ask for some more advice from you Hamster experts please? So I knocked out the floor of the large Trixie multi Leif house. Part of the compartment dividers snapped off when I did this but at least I don’t have to worry that the holes are too small. Sidney is still happy there. The question I have is about his toilet. She wee’s and stores food in one ‘room’. The smell is awful and I clean this section every other day but my concern is wee soaked substrate remaining in other rooms (seeping underneath) and also the plastic base of the cage retaining the wee smell. I have some thoughts but you may have others which I’d welcome. Here goes:
- raise the house so it sits on more substrate and line the bottom of the toilet room with something eg small piece of cardboard I can throw away or cloth I can wash to protect the base bottom and put substrate on top
- put food in a dish in the room she currently doesn’t use to encourage the store here. I did this this morn and heard munching
- put a second round small PAH ceramic dish with sand in it in the toilet room. The room is small and is rectangular so no good for a corner toilet
(I bought a salt pig and put sand in and put in a diff part of the cage as I read a few people so that. He doesn’t use that as a toilet tho).
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