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Default Re: Newbie: Picket the WW (we think) and his new house.

Hi there!

I prefer to use a water bottle and water bowl and I hamsters alternate their preferences. IKEA sells some square glass tealight holders which I use as water bowls, and I put the water bowl on top of the house or on a platform so it doesn't end up with bedding in it.

Children's playsand works well for us, but make sure you dry it out thoroughly first. With Kaytee, I wouldn't recommend the white one as I have found it frighteningly dusty, but I can't comment on other varieties. I've been using carefresh which I check carefully and haven't had any problems with dust. Mine also like aspen as a substrate and I've also used wood chips in small areas for variety One of mine really likes a small basket of wood chips as a forage toy with seeds or treats in.
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