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Default Housing after operation

Hi, Iíve just after some advice if possible please.

Ronnie my Campbell dwarf hybrid is going in for an operation tomorrow to have a small tumour next to his scent gland removed. Ronnie Is just over 2 years old and is fit and well. The vets I take him to deal with small furries all the time and she advised it was better to have it removed whilst heís healthy as they can grow quickly.

He is a very nervous little chap and current lives in a hamster heaven. I do have a ferplast Duna I could put him in afterwards but I donít want to upset him.

Would it be better to clean his HH a little bit, I donít tend to do a full clean ever as it usually upsets the tiny ones and maybe take some of the shelving out?

Any help would be appreciated as Iím panicking at the moment.
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