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Default Re: Living World Eco Habitat Cage

Ok, so this is Twinkle's current set up

I would like to add more to it somehow, problem being, I can't go any higher than the house on the left otherwise he will be over the top as soon as I lift the lid. I did think I could maybe add more bedding at the back in between the wheel and his house on the right and bring the branch forward - you can only just see the top bits of it sticking out of the bedding.

Halloween cage1.jpg

In his run he loves the tunnels he has which are half submerged in the substrate, so I have tried doing the same in his cage but all he does is blocks them off and he doesn't burrow. So I am guessing he feels they threaten his environment and someone is going to come get him, so blocking them off is what he does.

Halloween Cage 2.jpg

To try and add a different level I added the wicker tunnel which you can see in the background, he does use this. I did hang a grass hide in a similar way, just a bit further back from his cork log at the front, but he was climbing on the outside of that too and there was potential for him to hurt himself with that one, so that got removed.

Halloween cage 3.jpg

So, thoughts, ideas anyone?
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