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Ah I like rammstein! I'll have a look for you and follow back

Ive had a needle aspiration before and unfortunately, you can get an abscess on top of the ZGT so it isn't a fail safe. Why it is so dreaded by ratty owners. And if it is an abscess, the sac has less chance to go so it can refill. It's just such an awkward place and can impact on the jaw, ear and eye. So nasty. My friend stayed over briefly on Sunday and cleaned some of the ear and saw something open up , it was discharging quite a granulated pus. But it feels quite solid and hasn't "gone down" so i suspect its an abscess on top of the gland tumour. I may , if I have the composure, do a small autopsy on it afterwards for my own piece of mind, but either way I think im doing right by him letting him go.

Its a shame he has never been a cuddler, hes a velvet, its lovely.

7-8 months is prime hormone time. I have never castrated. Its a shame you couldn't get them to reintro. Ive always kept bucks the 10 years and had minimal issues. I find related rats get on better if you can. Like nephews and uncles, its almost like they know.

The newbies are at one end of the room, neither seem aware of each other.

It wouldn't really make much difference having perspex imo as rats communciate more by smells and touch than sight. If i get the odd rowdy hormonal buck i sometimes have a tiny water pistol and make a loud eep sound. For an entire group to get rowdy id just remove most things and make them stay in a small cage and scatter feed.

Ive only ever had one rat that went to cause serious damage to another. It can look quite harsh when they get hormonal but as long as there is no blood drawn i leave them be.
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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