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Aww what's your username?! (dm if you want)

Double rex has two "categories" but not a huge diff between them. Patchwork which I suspect these two are, lose it in patches randomly and grows back in other areas so constantly changing whereas the other DR just loses most and sometimes grows back in a peach fuzz. Then the hairless is different, total bald with no fuzz and comes with more health issues.

They may lose more, never had them, just have to see I guess.

They are settling in so well, im using a snuggle pouch to bond, they arent keen being picked up but im putting the pouch by the cage door and they are now climbing out into it. When they arent im just lifting the cage lid and scooping them out. They have started sleeping in the open on the hammock which is a good sign. Still a bit jumpy, the younger I think is deff under 6 months, hes very pingy and wrestly like a kit. He climbs all over me too and keeps trying to play wrestle with the other. Its a shame I havent any kits but my two 1 year olds are very energetic and playful, i have a feeling they will make quite the trio!

Unfortunately im taking the lad I thought had a ZGT to be pts tomorrow morning, It has got bigger and im not convinced its an abscess. He is a bit withdrawn as well now so I think he isn't happy and id rather say bye before it possible effects his jaw or eyes... or opens up.

In terms of intros, horrible as it sounds, if anyone was going to cause any issues I think it would be Icarus, hes a big lad and throws it around. So with him gone, I think ill skip carrier and go to a small hamster cage as starters (savic cambridge). When I see snuggling up or "indifference" towards newbies i then move up to a critter 1. Then add a hammock then try them in top half of emptyish explorer. I have a feeling with my main group dropping to 3- just an old man and two hyper 1 year olds they will bond easily, fingers crossed.

Im going to leave them another week though, i want them to not run away when i pick them up or spook them.

Here are some adorable snuggle vids
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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