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Originally Posted by AmityvilleHams View Post
Saying Carefresh allergy is not that common is a dangerous stance to me. It has been one of the most common allergies we've seen here and it is a dangerous product regardless of your stance on the Western hemlock. The odor control additives are still an issue, and yes they do have additives being used - it is not controlling odor on its own!

At the end of the day, Carefresh is overpriced and highly dusty. There are several far superior products on the market and really there's no reason to be using a product known for its lack of safety and quality control with all those alternatives. A lot of people won't like seeing it put this way, but I refuse to just sweep these issues under the rug because not everyone has had a terrible experience.
You need to think when arguing things Amity. A lot of the things you have been saying regarding a number of topics lack any evidence, just your opinion. There's nothing wrong with having an option of course, but at the moment it does come across that you are talking about things you know very little about. No offense but it's like reading the headlines and jumping to conclusions.

The additives for odour control have been approved for treating drinking water so it's safe. But if you had researched it before making allegations youd wouldn't look so silly now.

I haven't heard of an allergy to carefresh maybe you mean to dust in general? Or specific wood types?

I've had very few batches of dusty carefresh while it's not my bedding of choice that's all some people have got!

I will say now that through past posts youre coming across VERY rude, VERY judgemental and a bit of a know-it-all arguing over every small thing, it's your way or no way. Be a bit more considerate about others; they may not be as privileged as you.
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