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Default Carefresh topic

Following on from some recent mention of Carefresh using Hemlock as wood source - and there being info on the internet about this. Thought I'd start a separate thread on this. Carefresh has been used by many many people for many years without issue. It's made from wood pulp - as opposed to something like recycled paper like Fitch). There have been occasions where a hamster has developed an allergy to Carefresh, but it's not that common. That may be because it's made from wood pulp which goes through more processes than recycled paper. I don't know.

But I am just adding some information about the Western Hemlock tree (which is not the same thing as the poisonous hemlock herb). Engel kindly posted information that Carefresh is sourced from various timbers including the Western Hemlock tree. It is basically a pine tree, like Spruce and Fir. So I can't see how it can be harmful to hamsters to have a product made from wood pulp.
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