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Default Re: Help taming our hideaway hermit hamster!

personally i don't recommend trying to tame your hamster so soon after adopting them and taking them home. i usually let my hamster settle in for at least 2 weeks before trying to interact with them to really let them get used to the smells and atmosphere of my home. then i really take my time with them. i got my hamster to be tamed by sitting in a bathtub with him and letting him crawl on me to get used to how i smelled. then after a little while of doing that, i let him crawl into a mug or something then i would put him onto my arm where my sleeve or something else was covering it. after about a couple of weeks of doing that, i was able to get my hamster to walk around on me without me worrying about my hamster biting my arms or hands. my hamster took about 3 and a half months to get fully tamed.

i don't know if this has helped with anyone else, but it has helped me a lot. every hamster has different personalities and could take a longer or shorter period of time to get tamed! so, if what i said doesn't work, or if your hamster doesn't get tamed too soon, do not worry. just be patient with them and they will eventually earn your trust!
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