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Default Re: Help taming our hideaway hermit hamster!

How long have you had him now? It does sometimes. happen that they’re very active & inquisitive when they first come home & everything is new then go through a phase of getting up later probably when the novelty of everything has worn off.
I wouldn’t reduce the substrate, the hamster heaven base isn’t that deep for a Syrian & I think you may just end up stressing him out & making things worse.
If you have a photo of his cage set up that would help just to see if there may be anything you could change to make things work better.
Some hams do get up very late, it varies a lot from one ham to another so you may have to try to find ways to try & tempt him out I wouldn’t force him to come out or wake up if he really isn’t ready.
There isn’t a simple answer as all hams are different but it seems that taming has been going well when he was coming out so it may just be a case of waiting for a while to see if he will begin to get up earlier again.
Some hams that are up l ate at night are awake later in the morning so there’s a chance you may be able to interact with him a bit more then if you see hiim.
Is the temperature in the room where he is kept around 18-20C day & night? The nights have really started to get colder now & if the room isn’t warm enough that could be a reason for staying in bed longer, some of my hams have tended to get up later when the weather’s cold even though the heating is. on, somehow they seem to know!
I think maybe you just need to give him time, they all go at their own pace so on’t worry too much.
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